Lindani Myeni with his wife, Lindsay and their two children. Picture: Facebook
Lindani Myeni with his wife, Lindsay and their two children. Picture: Facebook

WATCH: Lindsay Myeni speaks out after husband's death. 'People always treated him like he was a weapon'

By Se-Anne Rall Time of article published Apr 21, 2021

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DURBAN: Lindsay Myeni, wife of slain KwaZulu-Natal rugby player Lindani Myeni, has shared an emotional video on her YouTube channel, where she said she and her husband were afraid of police in America.

Lindsay said people were always intimidated by Lindani because of his build.

"My worst nightmare has come true. We were always scared of cops in America regarding Lindani. People always treated him like he's a weapon just because he is strong, even regular people," she said.

She said Lindani was considered dangerous because he was strong and had a fit body.

She said people love to see fit, black men in a physical sport, where they would have to fight others, like rugby or boxing, but “regular” men of a similar body structure were viewed as a threat.

"I am sure he just wanted to have a conversation with these people. He was not afraid of anyone and I love that about him. I just can't stop thinking over and over about it. If three of you had guns, why are you afraid of one man with no weapon? He is unarmed. You're literally afraid of his arms. You're cowards," she said.

Lindsay said if she were in the same position as her husband on that fateful night, she would still be alive.

"I know that wouldn't be the case, I am positive. And I can only speculate what happened. How do you talk to someone and 18 minutes later, they are dead. He was fine," she said between sobs.

Recalling the events that took place before her husband's death, Lindsay said they had spent the day together.

Hours later, her husband was dead, following a scuffle with police.

The Hawaii Police Department has since released video footage from the night, however, the family believe there is more to what transpired.

Meanwhile, the ANC has urged US authorities to thoroughly investigate the circumstances around Myeni’s death.

KZN DG Dr Nonhlanhla Mkhize led a delegation to Myeni's family home in KZN.

THE KwaZulu-Natal provincial government paid a visit to Lindani Myeni’s family in Empangeni, in northern KZN Picture: SUPPLIED


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