‘We meant no disrespect’ - Family responds after viral video of matric pupil emerging from a casket at prom, goes viral

Published May 2, 2024


A matric pupil arriving at her school prom in Phoenix in a casket has raised the ire of some social media users, calling it “disrespectful and distasteful.”

The 17-year-old pupil arrived at the event held at the Sunford School hall, emerging from a white casket in a black ball gown.

The video that has since gone viral on social media shows a hearse arriving. A white casket is opened and the girl emerges wearing a black dress.

Speaking to IOL, the girl’s aunt Kadisha Sewduth said it was so sad that her niece was being targeted on social media, following the video being posted.

“My niece didn’t mean to cause any harm. She wanted to make an appearance at her prom and had no ill-intention.

“But now she is being taunted on social media and people failed to realise she is just a 17-year-old girl with feelings and emotions.

“The statement that she is planning her own death is not true.

“This was a dream which we made a reality, and also, it is also not the first time something like this has been done.”

Sewduth said since the video being posted, there have been memes on social media mocking her niece.

“It’s sad that grown men and women are also doing this.”

KZN Caskets and Coffin owner Jeremiah Naidoo also responded when approached for comment.

“Firstly, we meant no disrespect to anyone. This is one of my employee’s nieces who wanted to make a grand entrance at her prom, and I wanted to help by making her dream come true.

“Recently there was another event also in Durban where a singer emerged from a casket and began performing.

“So we didn’t think it was anything unusual and there was definitely no ill-intentions to disrespect the dead or anyone else. We didn’t think that people would get offended.”

Naidoo said they also didn’t charge any money for the event.

Lenny Reddy, the owner of Wyebank Funeral Service said they were not aware their hearse was going to be used to transport the casket.

“We thought the pupils would drive in the hearse like we had a request for this 10 years ago.”

Reddy said they didn’t charge for this event and was helping out, which was what they usually did in cases like this.

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