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Pretoria - Authorities in Limpopo have arrested two bogus health practitioners, the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) announced on Friday.

In a statement, the HPCSA said that in collaboration with the South African Police Services, two bogus practitioners, Modjadji Ngobeni and Henry Hanes (unregistered), were arrested this week.

HPCSA spokesperson Daphney Chuma said that on September 12, Ngobeni, who practiced at Mamaila village, was arrested as a result of a tip-off received from a member of the community regarding alleged illegal operations.

"Ms Ngobeni indicated that she had just completed her nursing qualifications but not registered with the South African Nursing Council. She was detained at the Mamaila village satellite police station," Chuma said. 

"The other arrests, also in the Limpopo province, was on 13 September 2017 involving Mr Henry Haynes and Mr Emmanuel Davel, who were both practising as Clinical Psychologists at 21 Magazyn Street in Modimolle," Chuma added. "Mr Emmanuel Davel is registered with the HPCSA. At the time of the inspection, Mr Haynes was found treating a minor. When questioned on site, members of the community and several police officers indicated that they were also referred to the practice of Mr Haynes by their respective General Practitioners."

They were both released on a R1 000 bail each, with the bail condition being that Haynes may not practice as a Clinical Psychologist while the matter is pending.

The HPCSA Inspectorate Office is advising practitioners registered with the HPCSA to adhere to the ethical guidelines and to operate within their scope of practice. 

"The HPCSA welcomes the tip-offs that members of the community have provided thus far. Members of the community are encouraged to continue to report all suspected illegal practices by unregistered persons (bogus practitioners)."