Andrew Oberle is recovering after being attacked by two chimpanzees.

Mpumalanga - The United States researcher who was attacked by two male chimpanzees at the Chimp Eden rehabilitation centre, in Mpumalanga, was recovering, his parent said on Friday.

“We would like all to know that Andrew (Oberle) is recovering from his ordeal, although he remains in a critical, but stable, condition,” said Mary Flint and Andrew Oberle.

Oberle, 26, a post-graduate student in anthropology and primatology at the University of Texas in San Antonio, reportedly climbed through a fence surrounding the chimps enclosure on June 28.

The animals became enraged and pulled him under a second fence, which was electrified.

His parents extended their gratitude to those who sent their wishes for Oberle and to the medical staff who treated him.

“It is truly a miracle that he survived this brutal attack.”

On Monday. it was reported that the chimps would not be euthanised.

Eugene Cussons, managing director of Chimp Eden, said a Mpumalanga tourism and parks board investigation found that the chimps had reacted much like any threatened wild animal.

Oberle reportedly lost parts of his fingers and toes, sustained several bone fractures and was bitten all over his body. - Sapa