Paralysed Georgina Stoffels, 63, is being eaten by maggots as her husband locks her up, denying anyone the chance to care for and clean her. Picture: Supplied
Cape Town - The community of Valhalla Park is up in arms after discovering a bed-ridden pensioner being eaten by maggots in her own bed.

They claim the old lady’s husband locks her up during the day when he leaves for work, denying anyone access to help her.

Georgina Stoffels, 63, from Hester Street, was left paralysed in both legs and one arm after she had a stroke last year and has been bed-ridden ever since.

Concerned neighbours say the helpless lady gets a bath in the morning, if the home-based carer arrives before her husband George Stoffels, 70, leaves for the day.

If not, she’s left to live for up to 10 hours in her own filth.

Nieghbours claim that George Stoffels locks Georgina up before heading to work. Picture: Supplied

“Sometimes weeks go by without clean bedding,” says the neighbour.

This week, neighbours managed to get access to Georgina, and were shocked to see the maggots crawling all over her back and buttocks and in the bed.

The people took photos “as evidence” and asked the Daily Voice to intervene for Georgina’s sake.

A woman, who asked to remain anonymous, says she cleans up the “filthy” home whenever she can, but has not had access to the house for months after George started locking the door.

“We spoke to him about it and told him he needs to ask for help, but he just refuses, leaving Aunty Georgina alone. She can’t do anything for herself and she must sleep in that morsige house the entire day. She is lucky if she gets to eat something,” says the distraught neighbour.

“I let my grandson climb through the window to feed her and give her water.”

But George says he has “no choice” but to leave his house and go to work.

“I have a casual job, and must work to support us. I have my 18-year-old granddaughter taking care of Georgina, maar die kind wil net oppie pad wies (but the child just wants to go out),” he says.

“I can’t trust the people around here because my pots and stuff keep getting stolen. I lock the door to make sure that nothing like that happens anymore.”

Neighbours climbed in to help. Picture: Supplied

An unapologetic George says he is aware of his wife’s suffering, but is doing the best he can.

“Her sister-them want to take her away, but I am not sure yet if I must allow it. I take care of my wife,” he insisted.

However, his granddaughter claims George also puts her out as soon as he leaves in the morning.

“I don’t know what to do for my ouma (grandmother), and oupa (grandfather) is not allowing us in the house,” she says.

The Daily Voice brought the matter to the attention of the Department of Social Development, and spokesperson Sihle Ngobese promised that an investigation would be launched immediately.