Bonakele Pakisi, the key witness in the Coligny sunflower murder trial says his life is in danger. Picture: Molaole Montsho

Rustenburg - The life of a star witness in the famous Coligny sunflower murder case is in danger, he said on Monday.

In a telephonic interview, Bonakele Pakisi told African News Agency that he no longer feels free to walk in the town of Coligny as he was being called the K-word and was assaulted. 

"I am no longer moving free in Coligny; there are sections of the town that I do not go to. The are people labelling me a k****r," he said. 

He explained that thing turned to the worse after he testified against Pieter Doorewaard and Phillip Schutte, for the brutal murder of teenager Matlhomola Jonas Mosweu. 

North West High Court Judge Ronnie Hendricks sentenced Pieter Doorewaard, 28, and Phillip Schutte, 35, to an effective 18 and 23 years respectively for killing Mosweu, 16. 

They were further sentenced to three years for kidnapping, two years for intimidation, one year for theft and two years for pointing of a firearm, these sentences run concurrently with the murder. 

The pair killed Mosweu on 20 April 2017 by pushing him out of a moving van after they found him stealing sunflower heads worth R80 in their employer's field at Rietvlei farm near Scotland informal settlement in Coligny. 

He broke his neck as a result and died on his way to hospital in Lichtenburg. 

The court relied on his testimony as the sole eyewitness of the incident. 

The pair through the help from AfriForum were granted leave to appeal their conviction at the Supreme Court of Appeals in Bloemfontein.

This followed allegations that he "confessed" to a pastor that he had lied in court.

Pakisi said he intend to "bare it" all at a press briefing planned for Wednesday. 

African News Agency (ANA)