Cosatu plans march after torture claim

4/1/07 The valley of the waves at Sun City International. Picture: Liza van Deventer

4/1/07 The valley of the waves at Sun City International. Picture: Liza van Deventer

Published Jan 11, 2012


A secretly shot video of an alleged torture incident of three guests at Sun City has labour federation Cosatu planning to march on the resort.

Three guests were allegedly beaten up and shocked with cattle prods by contracted security guards at Sun City’s Valley of the Waves on New Year’s Day.

Cockroach Khojane, a paramedic at the resort, had approached the loading bay at the Valley of the Waves after hearing screaming.

He said he saw three Indian males sitting on the floor with their hands under their legs.

“They were shocking them with cattle prods, and they had their hands tied with cable ties,” Khojane said.

The paramedic said he was able to record the footage by pretending to phone someone on his cellphone. He has handed the footage to Cosatu.

The incident allegedly happened after the victims were accused of sexually harassing women at the Valley of the Waves.

“If it was sexual harassment, why didn’t they open a criminal case and call the police?” asked Cosatu’s North West provincial secretary Solly Phetoe.

Cosatu said there had been reports of other similar incidents of assault at Sun City that had occurred between December 25 and January 1, and the labour federation had asked the resort’s management to investigate.

Phetoe said some of the alleged incidents involved guests, also accused of sexual harassment, who had been burnt with cigarettes, and at least one victim had been dumped naked 15km from Sun City.

He said Cosatu would be meeting the SA Human Rights Commission to take up the matter.

The federation planned to march to Sun City on Saturday to highlight its dissatisfaction. - The Star

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