Mariah Motlhamme wants answers after her son Lemogang Motlhamme, 23, died in hospital after he was attacked by a mob accusing him of stealing a radio from a neighbour's minibus taxi. Photo: ANA

Rustenburg - A 23-year-old man who died after he was assaulted with sjamboks in an alleged mob justice incident at Seraleng near Rustenburg in the North West last month was buried in Tweelaagte on Saturday.

Lemogang Motlhamme died at the Job Shimankana Tabane Hospital on May 27. He was admitted on May 22 after he was allegedly beaten for about nine hours by a mob accusing him of stealing a radio from a minibus taxi belonging to a neighbour.

His mother Mariah Motlhamme said he was once addicted to "all sort of drugs", but was never a thief. She did not know what weapons had been used to beat her son. Their last conversation was during the beating when she was made to speak to her son about the alleged stolen radio over the phone.

"I got a visit from some of the people who were involved in my son's beating. They gave me a phone saying I must speak to him. On the phone Lemogang said I should give these people their things. I was confused and asked which things. Lemogang said he told the mob the stolen things were at home, hoping they would let him go.

"The people who took my son live and work with me in the community. If there was a problem they should have addressed it with me. The owner of the taxi said he did not see my son stealing, he was only suspecting he did it," said the grieving mother.

She said the family was still shocked at Lemogang's death and "wanted answers".

North West police spokeswoman Colonel Adele Myburgh said four people had been arrested in connection with the incident and charged with murder. 

African News Agency (ANA)