Rustenburg - Early morning traffic was interrupted in Lethabong near Rustenburg on Wednesday, as protester blocked roads.

Protesters barricaded roads with rocks and burning tyres, preventing buses transporting workers to the mines to enter the township.

One of the protesters said they caught a man who had allegedly been stealing goats, and when they were about to set him alight, the police arrived and rescued the suspect.

Meanwhile, another group attacked a foreign-owned shop, demanding money, cigarettes and food.

"Open my friend, give money, bread and cigarettes. Do not call the police," one man was head yelling to the shop owner, while others threw stones on the roof.

They ran away when public order police arrived. The situation was calm at 5am and taxis started moved in to transport people to work. 

Roads were still littered with rubble and smouldering tyres.

A group of youngsters assembled at the sportsground, blowing whistles. Police were monitoring the situation.