Source: Facebook.
Johannesburg - A North West man and his sister have been denied bail following an assault of a traffic officer, officials said on Tuesday.

The two were arrested after a video showing the altercation between the man and officer emerged on social media. 

In the video, the man can be seen arguing with the officer over his license, which the officer had seized. 

The two then proceed to tussle over the license and in the end, the driver loses his temper and begins hitting the officer repeatedly. 

The two are eventually separated but this does not stop the man from continuing to angrily insult the officer, with his sister joining in on the banter and swearing at the officer. 

"I will bliksem you.. I won't take your s**t," the angry man can be heard saying before returning to his car.

The North West  Community Safety and Transport Management department has since commented, confirming the incident and attack on the officer.

Spokesperson  Rebaone Moeng explained that the alleged assault came after the driver gave differing residential addresses to the officer.

"The man was stopped by officers... who then took his licence," Moeng said.

The man was then asked for his residential address, and gave officers two differing addresses for unknown reasons. Moeng explained that a fight broke out after the officer refused to hand back the man's license. 

Moeng confirmed that the driver and his sister were arrested and face five charges between them. 

"The brother was charged with resisting arrest, malicious damage to property, assault, failure to adhere to the instruction of an officer and inconsiderate driving as well as swearing at an officer.

"His sister meanwhile, is charged with obstruction of justice," he said. 

The two have since appeared in the Potchefstroom Magistrate's Court, where they were denied bail. 

The two remain in custody.