Director linked to jobs-for-sex scandal

Published Oct 3, 2014



Kimberley - Women should not pay with sex for government jobs and they are not “sponges” that should absorb the sexual juices of senior officials.

This was the message from a group of National Education, Health and Allied Workers’ Union (Nehawu) representatives, who on Thursday embarked on a picket at the Northern Cape Department of Labour, calling for the head of a director at the department.

Protesters called for the removal of the director who allegedly sexually harassed employees.

“He must go... stop abusing (your) power... stop liking ‘iwewe’ (sex or vagina) at government’s expense,” the placards held up by the picketers stated.

The union’s regional chairman, London Kopa, said Nehawu would make sure that the director involved was removed after they received several complaints about sexual harassment.

The name of the director is known to the DFA.

“We have solid proof . . . in the form of SMS correspondence between him and one complainant, who was bold enough to come forward and expose his vulgar behaviour. The man is also accused of organising positions within the department for woman ... in return for sex.

He also allegedly told a colleague, who wanted to approach a woman for a position at the department, that he did not want her to work there as she was an “ANC sponge” (a slut who was only good for absorbing the sexual juices of ANC officials) after finding out that she was a member of the ANC,” Kopa claimed.

He added that this statement was counter revolutionary and in contrast to the progress of the ANC and further undermined women.

“We will not let this matter go... we submitted our grievances about the director to the department a month ago but have received no response.

“Now they are forcing us to take the matter to the Public Service Commission, the Public Protector, the Gender Equality Commission and the national Department of Labour,” Kopa added.

According to Kopa, the man involved was also underqualified for his position as director.

“He has no tertiary qualifications and only a matric certificate. While we are questioning how he was appointed, we are also concerned about the current vacancy of chief director at the department.

“If he is appointed in an acting role, he will be able to spread his dirty ways even deeper into the department,” Kopa claimed.

The Department of Labour failed to respond to questions.

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