Edwin Ackerman shows where he was busy unblocking the toilet when he pulled out the foetus. Picture: Soraya Crowie

Kimberley - A Kimberley man made a shocking discovery on Wednesday when an attempt to unblock the drain on his Chris Hani Park property saw him pulling out the foetus of a baby boy.

Edwin Ackerman said that residents living on the property had asked him to unblock the drain of their outside toilet on Wednesday afternoon.

“I removed the plastic lid and started pumping to remove the blockage. I was using a piece of wire to do this.”

Ackerman said that he thought he had found the source of the blockage and pulled out the wire.

“I was shocked when I saw the baby boy stuck on the end of the wire. The wire had gone through his head.

“It was the worst feeling you can imagine. Looking at this foetus it brought back memories of the three children I lost as a result of miscarriages.”

Ackerman said that he put the foetus under a red carpet lying in the yard. “There are a lot of young people coming in and out of the yard. I didn’t want them to be exposed to it.”

Ackerman added that he did not want to speculate about who had flushed the foetus down the toilet.

He said that, besides himself, there were two people living in the main house, two people living next door to him and another person living in a shanty next to him. “As you can see there is also a tuck shop on the premises and the gate is always open. A lot of people just wander in and make use of the toilet, so it is difficult to say who the mother may be.”

One of the women living in the house called on the police to take DNA samples of everyone living on the property. “We want to know who this mother is,” she said.

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