Cape Town - Hoërskool Upington's rendition of the anthemic Pharrell Williams song 'Happy' will make you feel ... happy!

The slick video, which was posted on the school's Facebook page two weeks ago, features pupils, teachers and support staff all singing and dancing along to the song with some really funny moments thrown in. 

We're really impressed at team spirit at Uppies. It's clear that a lot of thought and hard work went into the making of this video but they make it seem like so much fun. Everyone gets a turn to show off their dance moves, from the principal to the tuck shop lady - and some of the moves a 

At a time when South Africa faces huge challenges like spiralling crime, a sluggish economy and a spike in protests this lighthearted video gives one hope and just makes us feel good.

Well done Uppies! You're one special school.