Pagad's former Chief of Security and Amir of Thikr Jamaat, Salie Abader passed away at the age of 65. Picture: Daily Voice

Cape Town – People Against Gangsterism and Drugs (Pagad) Former Chief of Security and Amir of Thikr Jamaat, Salie Abader, 65, passed away on Friday morning.

The group confirmed the news of his death in a Facebook post, shared on behalf of Pagad’s National co-ordinator Haroon Orrie.

“Today is a day of sadness as we say farewell to our Father, Brother, One of the Great leaders in the World Boeta Salie Abader, who was always willing to sacrifice purely for the love of ALLAH who stood for Justice , who fought against Oppression and Injustice In This Country, A Leader who truly showed courage, strength and steadfastness. Your Exemplary life will Remain amongst the Mujahideen and the believers. ALLAH promises us two things Victory or Martyrdom We Ask ALLAH to ease the path for our beloved Martyrs and may ALLAH Mercy be with you , and may you be raised on the day of judgment with the Prophets, siddiqeen ,Shuhadaa and the Saaligheen Ya Rabb. Ya ALLAH we ask you to grant there Families the same Status . Ameen(sic),” the statement read.

Tributes have poured on social media with many describing Abader as a “beloved man, who will be missed.”

Abader spent years fighting against drug dealers. In 2002, he along with a number of other senior Pagad leaders were acquitted in the death of known drug dealer Rashied Staggie.

Instead he was convicted on a charge of public violence. Abader in his recent years continued to play an active role in Pagad by leading its Thikr prayers.

Abader’s son, Yusuf, was sentenced in May 2008 to 18 years in prison for the alleged revenge-murder of Ebrahim Satardien in October 1999.

Satardien was acquitted of high-profile Pagad member Ebrahim Khan’s murder in 1997.

At the time, State prosecutor Piet Steyn said that Satardien’s death resulted from a “cold-blooded revenge assassination” for which Yusuf should be punished accordingly.

Yusuf and Abdulatief Abrahams, his co-accused and father-in-law, stood trial, but Abrahams was acquitted and Yusuf convicted.

EFF Western Cape chairperson, Bernard Joseph, also offered condolences on behalf of the PCT: “It is with great sadness that we have to announce the passing of Salie Abader, the brother in Islam of Abdusalaam Ebrahim, leader of Pagad. Pagad and the EFF has a close relationship which was established from the birth of EFF in 2013. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family during this difficult times.”

Radio 786 reported that 65-year-old Abader died of natural causes.

According to a Pagad’s Facebook group, Abader’s funeral will take place on Friday at Zeenatul Masjied in Muir Street, District Six, followed after Asr at 4:20pm.

He will laid to rest at Mowbray Qabrastan.