SA spies can soon learn to be like Bond

Published Dec 12, 2008


By Louise Flanagan

Wanted: A "killing room" for trainee spies.

Shooting ranges, tunnels, obstacle courses and killing rooms - it's not a James Bond movie but training for South African spies.

The National Academy for Intelligence wants to hire someone "to construct a shooting range, killing room, tunnels, buildings and a training dam" at its campus in Mafikeng, North West.

The academy also wants to build a tower and "obstacle activity" at the campus.

So what is all this stuff and why do trainee spies need it?

"They're building an outdoor activity centre," said National Intelligence Agency spokesperson Lorna Daniels.

She said this was based on similar centres in other countries.

"The 'killing room' is a training room for training precision shooters who are members of the VIP protection and security teams," she said.

"The idea is to provide more specialised and advanced training and to test endurance levels," said Daniels.

And how will the academy keep the new structures secure? With the "parameter fencing" around the campus, built through another tender to be awarded after a compulsory site inspection on "Tuesday, 12 December 2008" - a date that doesn't exist.

The academy was established in terms of the Intelligence Services Act of 2002.

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