Nelson Mandela's 46664 Aids awareness campaign is synonymous with good intentions and positive messages.

But web users eager to give a minute of their time to the fight against Aids may be in for a nasty surprise when they hit the site and antichrist symbols and degrading images of Christ appear.

When a Cape Town web user, who did not want to be named, logged on to the site earlier this week to find out why the official 46664 T-shirts were sold only in the United Kingdom, he claims to have discovered a peculiar uniform resource locater (url) or internet address.

The 25-year-old man explained how he first logged on to the 46664 home page of the site and then clicked on the Community hyperlink, which revealed a message board option.

"When I clicked on this option, I noticed a funny looking address. It read

boards/46664/ and I was intrigued, because it was different from the other urls which all had in them."

The man, who says he is fairly familiar with the internet, said he proceeded to delete the last part of the url, which left him with in the address box.

When he pressed enter, a satanic organisation's website was revealed.

"It had many links, including an array of antichrist symbols and propaganda, tips on how to conjure up Satan and even someone's anus with a picture of Jesus coming out of it."

Although the offensive antichrist website does not automatically pop up and the internet user needs to click on a few links before it appears, it is still rather easy for an inquisitive surfer to gain access.

When The Independent on Saturday contacted John Samuel, Chief Executive Officer of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, he was not aware of the connection and had not been informed about the discovery.

"I'm not a technical expert, but it's preposterous to think that Tiscali, who managed this site, would entertain satanic organisations. This is the work of a hacker," he said.

As far as Samuel knew, the entire website was sponsored by Tiscali, but he confirmed that everything connected to the website needed the foundation's stamp of approval.

Tiscali was not available for comment last night, but Marcel Sookayee, a corporate support agent for Tiscali, said the message board might be hosted by the Satanic organisation.