So far so good: we're Y2K-bug free!

By Time of article published Jan 1, 2000

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As fireworks graced South African skies, early indications were that the country had escaped the menace of the Y2K bug.

"We are communicating - so it means that everything is still okay" a Telkom e-mail announced.

The Banking Council's e-mail, while not as animated, was equally as heartening, saying: "ATMs and credit-card point-of-sale devices are reported to be functioning smoothly and there is no shortage of cash."

"Saswitch - which allows bank customers to withdraw money from the ATMs of other banks - is also operating normally."

"The Year 2000 Banking Response Centre is confident that branch services will also operate as usual."

Meanwhile the National Y2K Disaster Management Centre said: "Computer-aided systems and services showed no sings of succumbing to the Millennium Bug, to the huge relief and delight of officials overseeing the roll-over."

The five greater Johannesburg councils said, although there had been a few minor glitches during Friday evening, none were Y2K related.

A statement said lightning struck a Kibler Park power station temporarily disrupting the civil defence telephone system and causing a number of power failures. - Sapa

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