The ANC has urged road users to be extra cautious over the Easter period. File photo: Matthew Jordaan
Johannesburg – The African National Congress(ANC) on Thursday called on all road users to be cautious while travelling during the Easter period.

"The rules of the road are not mere suggestions or guidelines but directives that all on our roads should obey. When feeling exhausted, we urge drivers to take time to rest remembering always that speed kills," the ruling party said.

They said that they were concerned about the ongoing strike in the bus industry which left many commuters stranded and unable to get to their destinations. "Whilst respecting the legitimate grievances of the workers, we urge all parties to return to the negotiating table to resolve this impasse."

The ANC wished all South Africans who were celebrating Easter a blessed, peaceful and meaningful Easter with their families, friends and loved ones.

"Easter is a time of reflection for reflection and rejuvenation following as it does the Lent period of prayer and repentance," the ruling party said in a statement.

"We once again wish all those observing this period contemplation of the continued suffering of others and the role that society and the Church can and should play in our moral rejuvenation as a nation."