By Ayanda Mhlongo

"The light was so bright, at first I thought it was a police helicopter searching for criminals. But when I could not hear the sound of the rotor blades, I decided to draw the curtains and check what it was."

Roshnie Naidu, of Phoenix, could not believe her eyes when she saw a huge, pulsating, colourful light in the sky. "It looked like a massive ball of light, much brighter than the sun, with blue and purple colours filtering through. My eyes were glued to it for almost 10 minutes, it was unbelievable. I had never seen anything like it before," she said.

Naidu told the Daily News she woke up just before 4am on Sunday.

She was watching TV when she noticed a bright light flashing through her curtains. She did not take any notice of it at first, but the light continued to shine in her face.

According to Naidu, when she drew the curtains she could not believe what she was seeing. "I still cannot explain to people who did not see the object what it was.

"After a couple of seconds, the object would change shape from being circular to oval."

She rushed to her daughter's bedroom to wake her up, but she refused to get up.

"When I tried to wake up my husband he told me that I was seeing things and sent me away.

"But I persisted and pulled him out of bed and opened our bedroom curtains."

Naidu's husband, Shrirama, said he wiped his eyes a couple of times because he could not believe what he was seeing. "I immediately told my wife to call our neighbours and alert them to what was happening."

Shrirama managed to capture video footage of the unidentified object that was in the sky.

According to the Naidus, the object was in the sky for about three hours. It disappeared as the sun came up and it became lighter.

The Naidus said they had no idea what the object was and would like someone to explain it to them. "We are hoping that someone will be able to view the footage that we have captured and explain the fireball to us," they said.

Weather forecaster Ntobeko Nkangana said no objects were picked up in the sky on Sunday morning.

Nkangana said weather balloons are released only at midnight and midday. "The weather balloons remain in the sky for a maximum of two hours."