Picture: Siphiwe Sibeko/Reuters/African News Agency (ANA) Archives
Johannesburg - A FNB customer in desperate need of the lavatory recently found a unique way to relieve herself... deciding to pee right in front of fellow customers at one of the bank's premises. 

The incident happened in March at the bank's branch in Kempton Park after the woman was unable to make use of the toilets as they were locked. 

In the video, the woman can be seen complaining that she's been waiting for over an hour with no assistance and as she was pressed, she decided to relieve herself then and there. 

The video has since drawn mixed reaction from social media, with some sympathising with the frustrated woman while others slammed her for the act.

FNB has since responded to the incident, confirming it was aware of the incident making the rounds on social media. 

Video: SA Uncut.

"We can confirm that the matter has been addressed directly with the customer concerned.

"FNB further confirms that, for security reasons, customers are encouraged to make use of public restrooms in nearby shopping centres and other areas where our branches are located," CEO of FNB Points of Presence Lee-Anne van Zyl told IOL.

Van Zyl further said: "The bank discourages the circulation of the video to safeguard the dignity of the customer".

This incident comes after another woman crashed her Mercedes Benz into a Standard Bank branch in the East Rand after she got into an argument with a teller over the withdrawal of money. 

According to News24, the bank refused to help her and this angered her, resulting in her ramming her car into the bank's premises. She was arrested on the spot and charged with malicious damage to property. 

See reactions to the incident: 

People are getting angry. Angry with govt, angry with corruption, angry with banks, queues and the rising cost of living while salaries stagnate or diminish. Revolution is coming for those who will not see. https://t.co/XqeVxscmLw

— David Forbes (@DavidShadowfilm) April 4, 2019

On that lady that pissed at FNB: I don't think she should've done that because the person who will be most inconvenienced by the piss will be an innocent cleaner (most likely a Black woman) and definitely not management. Direct your anger to management, please.

— Nobuhle (@astra_castra) April 3, 2019

FNB is a bank not a public toilet. She must go pee somewhere else. This isnt fnb managements fault it's the fault of that womans mother for raising a bush creature!

— Skankhunt42 (@realslimsady) April 3, 2019

OMG!!! I just. cannot !!! WTF !? Woman squats and has a wee in the middle of an FNB branch cos she waited for assistance for an hour and she needed to go. I mean FFS? https://t.co/Jn3weEqfQE

— Ren (@africa_ren) April 2, 2019