WATCH: Mancoba church leader claims Constitution, schools 'driven by Satan'

Bandile Mancoba. Picture: Screenshot/SABC.

Bandile Mancoba. Picture: Screenshot/SABC.

Published Mar 1, 2018


Johannesburg - A church leader at Mancoba Seven Angels Ministries Church has been recorded denouncing the Constitution and South African education system, saying both were influenced by the devil. 

The church leader, believed to be Banele Mancoba, made these utterances during an appearance before Commission for the Promotion and Protection of Cultural‚ Religious‚ and Linguistic Rights (CRL) back in 2016.

Testifying before the commission, Mancoba said he was not a pastor, but an angel sent from heaven. 

"As we're here... the seven of us, we're angels from heaven... I'm not a pastor, I am an angel from heaven sitting at the right-hand side of the father. 

"There's an angel that left the heavens, that angel is called Lucifer (Satan) and that we're here to look for."

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Mancoba then goes on to claim that the Constitution and schools were influenced by the devil and that is why they're denouncing the education system. 

He further told commissioners that the devil was able to do this with permission from the late statesman Nelson Mandela 

"We're saying children shouldn't go to school because Satan has infiltrated our schools. We're also saying people mustn't follow the Constitution because it's driven by Satan. I take it as the devil's spirit.

So called Seven Angels some time ago giving their reply to the CRL.

Watch and judge for yourself

— ANC Elections Chair (@MbalulaFikile) February 28, 2018

"We know the routine and how this Zuma administration will lead us because he was influenced by Steve Tshwete. He has the spirit of Tshwete," he added. 

A video of Mancoba's presentation has since been shared numerous times on online, raising eyebrows on social media.

Mancoba Seven Angels Ministries Church came under the spotlight when it was allegedly used as a hideout for suspects linked to the massacre that took place at the Ngcobo police station, in which five policemen and an off-duty soldier were killed on Wednesday night by gunmen.

Days later, police shot dead seven suspects linked to the massacre in a shoot-out at the church while more than 10 other suspects were arrested. 


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