Customers at N1 City in Goodwood, Cape Town, shopping for Black Friday specials. Picture: Leon Lestrade

Cape Town - Black Friday has hit South Africa, causing chaos inside - and outside - stores.

Some stores have opened at midnight, prompting eager consumers to come out in their numbers to take advantage of the sales. In a bid to not lose their space in the queue, people camped out and slept in the queues.

For those hoping to avoid the packed shops, numerous online shopping sites have reportedly crashed, causing outrage among those who were eager to skip the lines.

Businesses have taken to social media to advertise their "not-to-be-missed" specials and people used social media to share images and videos of the Black Friday hype.

An estimated 5000 people queue round the car park and still queuing to get in at  Game in Gateway . Video: Frank Chemaly
Chaos on Thursday night at Game in Canal Walk. Video: Abdul-waahid Cornelius

Video: Abdul-waahid Cornelius

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Some social media users have slammed Black Friday and the aggressive shoppers, calling them "rude" and "violent".

There have also been calls for stores' management to find better ways to control the crowds and prevent damage to the stock.