Police spokesperson FC van Wyk
Cape Town - A Bonteheuwel man accused of sexually assaulting his three-year-old niece has been set free.

According to a source, the girl’s mom reported the uncle to police after she saw her “walking funny”.

The source says the mom went to police and said on Friday 22 September, she worked night shift and came home to find her little girl struggling to walk.

“She was working a night shift and the next day she saw the child was walking funny. The mother checked her daughter and it appeared as if she had been sexually assaulted and she also told the police that the child was screaming in her sleep.”

The case was reported to Bishop Lavis police and the 28-year-old uncle was arrested.

But SAPS spokesperson, Captain FC van Wyk, says the man appeared in the Bishop Lavis Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday and the case was withdrawn.

“The case is withdrawn due to insufficient evidence, but further investigation continues in this regard,” he says.

Bonteheuwel Ward Councillor Angus McKenzie

Bonteheuwel Ward Councillor, Angus McKenzie, says: “There was nobody at home at the time and I am extremely concerned about this case. I wanted to establish what exactly had happened and whether the mother and child needed any help. Incidents such as these are not indicative of our Bonteheuwel community.

“My thoughts are with the girl and I will certainly avail myself to her and her family during this very difficult period.”

Meanwhile, Jerome Petersen will make his fourth appearance at Bishop Lavis Magistrates’ Court on Friday after being arrested for allegedly raping a six-year-old girl and then paying her R5.