Munadia Maarsdorp describes the Pelican Park incident.
Cape Town - A six-year-old boy has been hospitalised after he was burnt by a home-made acid bomb, believed to have been made by a teenager.

The little boy, who cannot be named, is currently recovering at Red Cross Children’s Hospital.

It is believed the boy from New Horizon, near Pelican Park, suffered burns to his eyes, face, chest and stomach.

Neighbours, who rescued the child, say he was burnt so badly that yellow pus poured from his eyes and doctors now fear he may lose his sight.

The tragedy took place at a park near Haroon Street in Eagle Park on Thursday afternoon while the boy was playing with his two brothers.

When the Daily Voice visited the park on Monday, patches of dead, yellow grass could be seen where the acid had fallen.

Community worker Munadia Maarsdorp, 42, says she was walking home when she heard the commotion and saw the boy bleeding at the park.

The children told her the boy had been injured while holding a home-made acid bomb.

The group said a 17-year-old boy, who lives in the community, had told the six-year-old to shake the bomb and then it exploded in his hands.

“My daughter and I just grabbed the child [and left to get help],” says Munadia.

“We ran with the child until a car stopped and helped us to take the child to the mother.

“The child was taken to hospital and you could see the puss coming out of the eyes.”

Munadia’s daughter, Zoghrah Maarsdorp, 23, says they questioned the boys at the park: “They said this 17-year-old boy gave them the bomb and said they must keep it. The little boy’s older brother said he refused and then his brother was told to hold it.

“It exploded after he was told to shake it and you could see a hole in his chest.

“The teen lives in the community. Where did he get the acid from? We are hearing he got it from school and even throws the acid in the street.”

Munadia says she has been in contact with the injured boy’s mother: “He is at Red Cross Hospital receiving treatment and the doctors fear it has affected his eyes. The mother has indicated that the doctor will be making a case with police.”

The mother of the little boy could not be reached at the hospital on Monday.

The Daily Voice visited the teen’s house, where his mother refused to speak.

“I am not interested,” was all she said.