Wilkes McDermid

Cape Town - He was always online, tweeting, blogging or sharing his Facebook status. But last Wednesday whisky-loving Briton Wilkes McDermid disappeared.

“I haven’t heard anything from him,” said Bernard Gutman, who is desperately searching for his friend.

“He hasn’t updated Twitter and there’s nothing on Facebook,” he added.

McDermid, a financial services software programmer and part-time food and whisky blogger from Chelsea in the UK, was on holiday in the Mother City and was set to return home last Wednesday. But according to South African and UK police he seems to have vanished.

“Police in the UK went round to his flat and nobody had been there… He’s been gone for a week already, it’s so frustrating that we can’t find him,” said Gutman. “Anything could’ve happened to him.”

McDermid checked out of his hotel at 2pm on Wednesday and was seen at 7.25pm leaving the Bascule Whisky Bar at the Cape Grace Hotel at the Waterfront.

“That’s the last time anyone saw him,” said Gutman.

Sergeant Nicholas Williams, the investigating officer on the case, said that he has been going through CCTV footage at the Waterfront to find out where McDermid had gone, but he has no idea what has happened to him.

* Anyone who has any idea where McDermid is should call 072 560 2624.

Cape Argus