Comedian Shakir “Chuqy” Hansen got a fright when cops mistakenly locked him up for murder.
Cape Town - Comedian Shakir “Chuqy” Hansen got a fright when cops mistakenly locked him up for murder.

Shakir, 28, is known for his funny social media videos, especially his famous alter ego Chandre from the Kaapdashians.

On Sunday just after 7pm, Shakir was arrested at his Mitchells Plain home while preparing his children for bed.

“I was washing my son, 3, and daughter, 7, when I heard a knock at the door and was greeted by 12 armed policemen surrounding my house,” he tells the Daily Voice.

“A Mitchells Plain SAPS member was in the lounge and told me they are arresting me on a charge of murder.

“I was confused and ashamed as my wife and children stood there helplessly watching the police take me away.”

Shakir says while he wasn’t handcuffed, he had to sit in the back of a police van with two other suspects in unrelated cases.

“The street was full of people, I was so humiliated and scared,” he adds.

He says the drama started on Friday, 18 January, when cops from Mfuleni SAPS went to his mother’s house in Lost City looking for him because he was apparently a witness in a murder case.

On Thursday, the police returned to his mother’s home, demanding that Shakir hand himself over at Mfuleni SAPS, after someone apparently told cops he was the killer.

“I gave them a call and they told me to come in, but I rather went to Mitchells Plain SAPS because I knew they must have been mistaken.

“And on Sunday they got me,” he says.

Shakir says he was taken into the holding cells but refused to sit down.

“At this point, I almost k**ked myself and I prayed.

“Just after 10pm, the Mfuleni police detective arrived and they showed me a video clip of two men shooting and killing another man in front of Beacon Hill High School.

“The detective shook his head as we watched the video and told me, ‘No, no, no, we’ve got the wrong guy here’.

“He smiled and told me to give a statement so he can clear me to go back home.”

He says cops also made fun of him: “I was in the back of the van and they were laughing and saying ‘Eid Mubarak’ as I got out.”

Shakir was released just before 1am on Monday.

“My kids were happy to see me when I woke them up for school the next morning.

“I am still in shock and don’t even want to leave my house,” he says.

Police spokesperson, Sgt. Noloyiso Rwexana, said Mitchells Plain SAPS had no record of the incident.

Daily Voice