Cape Town - A taxi driver in Cape Town was arrested on Monday, after a breath alcohol test revealed he was 13 times over the legal limit.

Cape Town Traffric Services' Richard Coleman said the driver, who was transporting 16 commuters to the city centre, was arrested at a roadbloack along Duinefontein Road in Heideveld.

The arrest comes a day after another taxi driver was nabbed after his breathalyser reading registed at 1.77mg of alcohol per 1000ml of breath, in what Coleman described as "one of the highest readings ever seen".

"As a driver that carries a professional driving permit, this reading equates to nearly 18 times over the legal limit, which is shocking. Even if he was carrying a normal driving license he would still be nearly eight times over the legal limit," said Coleman.

The driver, who was pulled over after a motorist flagged down officers, had a female passenger with a child in the taxi.

African News Agency