Cape Town 05042014 Rylands High school pupil Muhammed Ameen Adams (17) with a magazine brought out by the Nelson Mandela Museum. He will travel to .Germany, courtesy of the museum, representing the Western Cape at an international youth camp. picture Leon Muller reporter Henriette Geldenhuys

Cape Town - An Athlone pupil is flying to Germany on Monday after being chosen by the Nelson Mandela Museum in Qunu in the Eastern Cape as one of five pupils to attend an international youth camp there.

Muhammed Ameen Adams, 17, in Grade 12 at the Rylands High School in Gatesville, said he was “very excited” about the 12-day trip based at the Anne Frank House Museum in the Bergen-Belsen former World War II Nazi concentration camp site in Lower Saxony.

The pupils will be taught about human rights, civic responsibilities and democracy alongside participants from European countries, including Germany, Poland, Slovakia and England.

Adams, who scored As for history, said when he heard he had been chosen, he called his father, Saliem, who at first thought he was joking “and talking nonsense”.

“Nelson Mandela is a great man and risked his life to achieve freedom. I can help to keep Nelson Mandela’s legacy alive by doing what he wanted us to do – to fight for human rights, freedom and equality, and live in harmony and not threaten each other,” said Adams.

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