Theresa Graner was beaten on Boxing Day by a man who is known to her family. Picture: Supplied

Cape Town - A 64-year-old woman has been beaten to hospital, allegedly by a man close to the family and who also works in government.
Theresa Graner’s Boxing Day turned into a nightmare outside her home in Lansdowne.

Theresa, who is an ethical worker for a company, had returned home after spending the day with family and was pulling her car into the driveway when she asked the man to move his vehicle.

She claims the man, who cannot be identified as he has not yet been charged, jumped out of his car and grabbed her hair while she sat in the driver’s seat, and beat her and swore at her.

Theresa bled from the mouth after receiving a huge gash to her lip, and suffered bruising to her face and arms.

She was rushed to Gatesville Melomed Hospital.

She later opened a case of common assault at the Lansdowne Police Station.

Theresa explains she was sitting in her car and made hand gestures for her attacker to move his car when the incident took place.

“I dropped my family in Mitchells Plain around 6:50pm. I was in my driveway and I showed him with signals to move as he was inside his car."

“His car was in front of mine in the driveway."

“He jumped out of his car and walked over to me and with one hand, he grabbed my hair."

“He was pulling my hair and he started beating me."

“I couldn’t move while he beat me with his fists.”

Theresa claims he also hurled abuse during the attack, calling her a “f***ing bitch”.

She says her attacker then got back in his car and drove off.

Her prescription sunglasses were also damaged in the attack.

“I am hurt and in so much pain,” she says.

“Too many people stay quiet about abuse, people need to know who the abusers are.”

The man’s 29-year-old daughter says: “I cannot condone his behaviour, especially as a woman."

“She (Theresa) has been nothing but good to me, like a mother."

“As a woman, I am devastated.”

When the Daily Voice contacted the man for comment, he turned the story around: “I have no comment at this stage. My daughter and I are the victims of abuse by two individuals.”

Police spokesperson, Captain FC van Wyk, confirmed that an assault common case was opened at Lansdowne Police Station.