Items found by Pollsmoor task team
Cape Town - A raid at Pollsmoor Prison led to the discovery of a stash of drugs, weapons, cash and cellphones.

The search operation conducted by the Department of Correctional Services (DCS), the police and Metro Police at Pollsmoor Medium B, units B3 and B4 saw a total of 578 offenders, their cells and personal belongings searched.

The officers confiscated 73 cellphones, 7 knives, 12 sharpened objects, 4 screwdrivers, 1 pliers, 3 scissors, 112 small tik bags and 210 mandrax tablets.

Also seized were cellphone chargers and multi-plugs.

This crackdown on 4 January follows a recent incident where a warden was arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle drugs into prison.

Some of the items found by the Pollsmoor task team.

The 48-year-old warden, Keith Court, who is a church man and Zumba instructor from Bonteheuwel, had told the Daily Voice his life had been threatened, and it was the first time he had ever done anything like this.

He was found with dagga, mandrax tablets, tik and four cellphones.

This incident in December highlighted the need to curb illegal activities at prisons.

DCS spokesperson, Singabakho Nxumalo, says the operation was necessitated by growing revolt among inmates in the jail towards authority and the high levels of corrupt activity suspected.

“Tightened security measures and intensified searching of cells conducted in Pollsmoor Correctional Centre led to the discovery of unauthorised, dangerous and illegal items which were confiscated during the search,” he says.

“A total of 578 offenders, their cells and personal belongings were searched. Cases have been opened against inmates found to be in possession of dangerous weapons [knives].”