City of Cape Town’s Fire & Rescue Service battles vegetation fire near Deer Park Drive

File picture: Pexels

File picture: Pexels

Published Dec 10, 2023


In a swift response to a distress call just after 1pm, the City's Fire & Rescue Service is currently engaged in combating a significant vegetation fire near Deer Park Drive.

The alarming incident has prompted a coordinated effort, with resources swiftly dispatched to address the escalating situation.

Upon arrival, responders discovered a large expanse of vegetation ablaze along the lower slopes of Tafelberg Road and Deer Park Drive.

The on-scene Officer in Charge quickly assessed the gravity of the situation and promptly requested additional resources to contain and control the spreading blaze.

There are currently 12 firefighting resources and over 40 firefighters, including personnel from both the City and Table Mountain National Park, actively engaged at the scene.

The activation of the Incident Management Team underscores the seriousness of the situation, with a strategic focus on efficiently managing and mitigating the ongoing incident.

To combat the fire in areas inaccessible by conventional means, two helicopters have been deployed for water bombing, with a third chopper en route to bolster the aerial firefighting efforts.

Jermaine Carelse, the spokesperson for the Fire & Rescue Service, emphasises the importance of community awareness and cooperation during this critical time. The City's emergency response teams says it is working tirelessly to ensure the safety of residents and containment of the fire.

“At this stage no property is in danger; however, we are urging residents to be alert to the situation,” said Carelse.