'POINTLESS ATTACK': Gavillon Basson, 30, of Mitchells Plain
Mitchells Plain - A Mitchells Plain man claims he was assaulted at a local nightclub in the early hours of Sunday morning by the club’s bouncers and three police officers.

Gavillon Basson, 30, says he is an epileptic and that he went to Las Vegas Lounge with his girlfriend, his sister and her girlfriend on Saturday night.

According to him, a simple question to a bouncer turned into a heated argument, which left him battered and bruised.

“I asked the one bouncer if I can leave the club to get some fresh air and get a smoke outside. He said no, but allowed other females to go outside and smoke. I asked him how is that fair and he told me you are either in or out,” says Gavillon.

“I then went back inside, but he did not like me challenging him. He came after me and grabbed me and three other bouncers came to help.

“They moered me all the way out of the club.”

Gavillon says there were police officers outside the club.

But when he asked the one female officer to help him, instead of assisting, they also started donnering him.

Gavillon says his whole body is in pain.

“My face is messed up with cuts and bruises. I have blue eyes, bruised ribs and my entire body is in pain. I have welts on my arms, and the pain just won’t stop.

“I did nothing wrong.

“One of my friends who is a bouncer at the club will attest to that. The camera footage from the club will also show I am innocent and I want all of those people to pay for this pointless attack,” he says.

He has since laid a charge of assault at Mitchells Plain Police Station.

Police spokesperson, Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana, says a case of common assault has been opened for investigation.

“It is alleged that the complainant was at a nightclub in Westridge and that he was assaulted by five males and a female police official. No one has been arrested.”

The Daily Voice on Monday spoke to the owners of Las Vegas Lounge, who declined to comment.