Elizabeth is desperate to locate her mother Deborah Davids who vanished 28 years ago. Picture: BHEKI RADEBE/ANA

Cape Town - A Lavender Hill woman is desperate to find her mother who she has never met.

Elizabeth Davids says all she has of the woman who gave birth to her 28 years ago is a name and an old photograph.

She was only three weeks old when her mother disappeared from her life.

Elizabeth says after losing both her father and stepmother, she is desperate to find her mom.

“All my father told me was she drank a lot and couldn’t take care of me and I was placed in his care when I was three weeks old,” she explains.

“Hy wou my niks gesê het nie (He didn't want to tell me anything). I have always looked for my mother. It hurts seeing a mother and daughter when I wished it was me.

“I long for that bond. I don’t even know where I was born. I just want to get to know her; if she has passed on, I would just like to know more about her. I would like to know if I have other siblings from her side,” Elizabeth says emotionally, adding her father had eight more children with her stepmom.

She says her father left her a clue on the day he died, one day after her 21st birthday.

“When my father was diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2010, I saw it as my opportunity.

“I was persistent but he kept brushing me off. It was my 21st birthday but I didn’t want to celebrate.

“The next day when I got to my father, he had passed on. He left me a gift, a chocolate slab, R300, a 21st key and the name and a picture of my mother and where she lived.

“When I saw the picture of my mother, it was the first time I saw her,” she sobs.

“Her name is Deborah Davids but she goes by Debbie. She resided in Manenberg with her mother but moved to Eastridge, Mitchells Plain. That’s all I know,” Elizabeth says.

Although she is curious to hear her mother’s side of the story, Elizabeth says it doesn’t really matter.

The single mom of a three-year-old son says: “I long for the love of a mother, ek het al die jare so gevoel en dit maak seer. I want to have a relationship with her.”

“I want to know why the social workers took me away. I want to ask about my family. I want my son to know his maternal grandmother and other family. It hurts because I am basically alone.

“She knew she had a daughter somewhere, why did she never look for me?” Elizabeth says, bursting into tears again.

If you know Debbie, contact Elizabeth on 079 930 0098 or 084 483 1728.