Fires across Cape have left 31 people destitute. Picture: Daily Voice

Cape Town - Firefighters had their hands full on Sunday after they responded to multiple fires which left 31 people destitute.
A firefighter was hospitalised after he was electrocuted in Atlantis.

Just before 1am, firefighters went to Fabriek Road in Kuils River Industrial where 14 informal structures were ablaze, leaving 23 people homeless, says divisional Commander for Fire and Rescue, Edward Bosch.

“It took firefighters just over an hour to extinguish the fire,” Bosch said.

The second incident took place in Fukuse Street, Wallacedene in Kraaifontein.

Bosch says three structures were destroyed.

“All persons were accounted for and eight persons in total were displaced,” Bosch confirmed.

Officers also responded to a fire in Witsand, outside Atlantis, at 8am where two informal structures were burning.

One of the firefighters was rushed to hospital after he lifted an aluminium sheet which was exposed to live electrical wires.

“In this incident, one firefighter sustained injuries after lifting metal sheets that were exposed to open live electrical wiring. The firefighter was treated on scene and transported to hospital,” Bosch added.