City of Cape Town councillor Angus McKenzie was hospitalised after he got into a fight with a suspect who broke into his house and bit him. Picture: Daily Voice

Cape Town - A City of Cape Town councillor was hospitalised on Monday after he got into a fight with a suspect who broke into his house and bit him.

Bonteheuwel Ward Councillor, Angus McKenzie, says he arrived at his Parow home shortly after 7am and got a fright when he saw a man throwing his children’s bikes over the gate.

He explains: “I was coming from an event in Bonteheuwel and here was this guy just throwing the bike over the gate to steal it. I shouted at him and he ran and jumped a wall into my neighbour’s garden. I cornered him and the fight started.”

McKenzie’s family was asleep in the house and unaware of the drama unfolding. The suspect allegedly attacked the councillor and even bit him on his arm in his struggle to get away.

Ward Councillor Angus McKenzie was bitten by who he claimed is a drug addict. Picture: Daily Voice

“He attacked me and I defended myself. Ek het hom goed gemoer. (I beat him up.) I apprehended him and several neighbours came out to assist. Parow police were on the scene and arrested him. You could see he was a druggie,” says the ward councillor.

Police spokesperson, Captain FC van Wyk, confirms the incident and says a 27-year-old man was arrested for theft.

Meanwhile, McKenzie was admitted to Panorama Clinic where he was treated for various injuries, including the bite.

“He really got his teeth into me and the doctor has put me on precautionary anti-retrovirals (ARVs) for 28 days. This shows that we are all affected by crime, but I will fight to defend my family. I am tired of these varke, tikkoppe and skelms (pigs, meth addicts and suspects) who are terrorising our communities.”