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Saturday, August 13, 2022

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Halloween: The best horror movies to watch for the weird and wonderful weekend

File picture: Pixabay

File picture: Pixabay

Published Oct 31, 2021


It’s Halloween, and if you are not going out and dressing up, then you can always join in on the fun by having a horror movie marathon.

We list seven movies to get your freak on (not in that way) this Halloween.

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Scary stories to tell in the dark

This award-winning horror, based on film genius Guillermo del Toro’s screen story, is set in 1968 America. The winds of change are blowing, but the small town of Mill Valley seems far removed from the unrest in the cities.

This movie tells the story of Sarah, a young girl with horrible secrets who turned her tortured life into a series of scary stories. These stories were written in a book that has transcended time and eventually became all too real for a group of teenagers who stumbles upon Sarah’s home one day.

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You can enjoy Scary stories to tell in the dark on Showmax.


Local is lekker, and Triggered proves it. This South African horror was filmed only at night on a farm in Swellendam. It won a SAFTA and made its name abroad when it was released internationally.

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The movie follows nine former high school friends who celebrate their five-year reunion camping in a forest. All goes well until they wake up with suicide bombs strapped to their chests, each having varying times on their countdown clocks. The only way to survive the night is by “stealing” time from one another.

You can enjoy Triggered on Showmax.


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As South Africans, we have (or should have) a certain level of pride about local-made productions. It’s worth remembering that just because something doesn’t have Marvel attached to it, doesn’t mean it’s bad.

Rage is a star-studded local horror from 2021 SXSW winner Jaco Bouwer. A group of school-leavers celebrate their newfound freedom in a tiny coastal town. Six teenagers party, drink and living their life. During a psychedelic trip on the beach, the friends witness a disturbing birth ritual, which could be a hallucination – but is it though? What is supposed to be the best holiday of their lives turns into sheer terror as the teenagers are picked off one by one.

You can enjoy Rage on Showmax.

Fear Street trilogy

Do you remember Goosebumps? I guess you could also call it every child’s gateway to horror fiction. In fact, some deemed it too graphic and scary, resulting in the ban of the beloved series. But we digress. R.L Stine is back with a trilogy of movies based on the popular books.

This trilogy explores how the village of Shadyside, Ohio, has been plagued over the decades by a curse of a witch. Each one takes place in a different time period: Fear Street 1994, Fear Street 1978 and Fear Street 1666. Fear Street not only brings the scares but has a decent story.

You can enjoy Fear Street trilogy on Netflix.


This South Korean film follows a live streamer who, after a virus starts a zombie outbreak, must find a way to survive while locked in his apartment alone. After this past year, maybe you can relate?

You can enjoy #ALIVE on Netflix.

The Green Inferno

If you are prepared for some blood and graphic scenes, then you might like Green Inferno.

Director Eli Roth, who is best known for grisly horror movies with the Hostel franchise, lives up to his reputation with this movie. In Green Inferno, environmental activists plan on protesting a chemical company in the rainforest. Their plans go sideways when they are captured by a tribe of cannibals instead.

You can enjoy The Green Inferno on Netflix.

And of course... Halloween

What is Halloween without Halloween? You can either watch Halloween Kills on big screen or you can watch the previous Halloween movies.


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