Grandparents Helen Zille and Johann Maree spend precious moments with their first grandchild, Mila, who was born on April 1. Picture: Supplied

Cape Town – Western Cape Premier Helen Zille is “absolutely delighted” at the birth of her first grandchild, who was born shortly after midnight on April 1.

“My granny hormones have been running riot for months,” Zille said, taking time out of a day full of meetings to speak to the Cape Argus.

"I am absolutely delighted that the birth went well, and that she is healthy.”

The baby girl was born to her son, Paul Maree, and daughter-in-law Gretl.

“She weighed 3.35kg and was born shortly after midnight on April 1.”

Zille was happy that her grandchild was doing well.

“She is feeding well, and has very strong lungs.”

In choosing a name for the baby, Paul and Gretl chose to stick to family names, Zille said.

“Her name is Mila, named after her great-grandmother (my mother) and her great-great grandmother (my granny). Her middle name is Megan, after her aunt.”

The doting grandmother, who is active on social media, posted a video on Instagram, of Mila resting on her dad’s shoulder, experiencing a bout of squeaky hiccups.

“The cutest little baby hiccups ever. At 24 hours old,” Zille commented on the post.

* Thursday’s article in the Cape Argus about the birth of Zille’s grandchild contained material errors. The Cape Argus apologises for the inconvenience caused. – 

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