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Hunt for gunmen after dad shot dead in his bed

By Monique Duval Time of article published Dec 20, 2019

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Cape Town - Grassy Park police are on the hunt for two gunmen who shot and killed an innocent father while sleeping next to his wife.

In a sinister twist, cops have revealed they are looking for the son of Victor Bullock, 54, who allegedly belongs to the same gang as the gunmen.

Station commander, Colonel Dawood Laing, says on Tuesday residents living in 14th Avenue, Eagle Park, called cops after hearing shots being fired.

“The shooting happened at 11.50pm where lots of shots were fired at the victim while he lay sleeping in his bed,” explains Laing.

“According to the information gathered at the scene, two members of the Six Bobs gang entered the house to speak to Victor.

“Ironically, his son who has the same name was in the toilet but the gunmen walked straight to his father’s room and shot him while he lay next to his mother.”

Laing says 15 cartridges were found in the couple’s bedroom and Victor was hit several times in the chest while his wife was left unscathed.

He says during the investigation it was discovered that the son is also a member of the Six Bobs gang and has since fled with his girlfriend.

“The father and the son had an argument about his involvement in the gang a week prior to the murder and he chucked him out of the house, but he returned,” says Laing.

According to a source, the son allegedly owed his gang boss R500 and asked his mother for the money.

“The mother allegedly gave him the money but the father wasn’t happy and that was the cause of the argument.”

Laing says at this stage the son is not a suspect and police only want to question him.

Neighbours say the family, who moved into Eagle Park only three weeks ago, have fled since the shooting.

Anyone with information is asked to call Sergeant Gumenke on 073 655 5364.

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