Meghan Cremer. File photo: Facebook.
Meghan Cremer. File photo: Facebook.

‘I could have saved Meghan’, says emotional friend

By Mike Behr Time of article published Aug 18, 2019

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Cape Town - A friend and colleague of murdered showjumper Meghan Cremer believes she would be alive today if he had convinced police to search her car after he spotted it in a Wynberg roadblock just hours after her abduction.

“I think she would be alive today if I had convinced the cop,” said the 28-year-old driver at Woodstock Bakery where Cremer was a manager. “I think she could have been in the boot.”

The driver, who does not want to be named, blames himself for the death of Cremer who was “more of a friend” than his boss: “I didn’t do my best. Maybe I should have made more noise at the roadblock. Maybe I should have tried to open the boot myself. But my fear of the cops held me back.”

The man told Weekend Argus how he came down from his flat at 11.30pm on Saturday, August 3, to buy a cooldrink from a shop in Main Road Wynberg near Pick n Pay when he unbelievably spotted her car.

He first thought Cremer was stopped by the police. But as he moved closer he noticed two women passengers in the car and a driver with his back to him standing next to the white Toyota Auris talking to a traffic officer.

Suspicious, he asked the women where Cremer was.

“They said, whose Meghan? I said this is her car and they told me I was lying. That was my alarm call that something was wrong.”

He said he alerted the traffic officer. “I told him that it’s my boss’ car. That I drive it twice a week and immediately recognised the CX number plate.

“But he didn’t believe me. He just laughed at me sarcastically. He said, ‘you are crazy. You’ve got no proof it’s her car. How do you know that she didn’t give it to these people to drive?’

“But he eventually agreed not to let the car go until I got hold of Meghan.”

His cellphone was broken so he returned to the bakery to get her number, but she didn’t answer.

“By now I was really worried about Meghan,” he said.

At that stage he was unaware that she and her car were reported missing.

Returning to Wynberg he saw Cremer’s car was gone and traffic officers were packing up the roadblock.

He reported the matter at the Wynberg Police Station.

This week, the City of Cape Town Council confirmed Cremer’s vehicle had been stopped in a roadblock.

“The driver of the vehicle was not deemed to be under the influence and was let go,” said Richard Bosman, executive director of safety and security.

The man heard the following day that Cremer had been abducted and how close he had come to rescuing her.

He received the news last Thursday that her body was found and that three Six Bobs gang members appeared in the Athlone Magistrate’s Court.

Weekend Argus

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