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Cape Town - An alleged stalker has been arrested after threatening to petrol-bomb his ex’s home with her in it.

The Daily Voice is in possession of a chilling voicenote, in which the Athlone man allegedly tells the victim: “Ek gaan julle almal uitbrand in daai vark huis (I am going to burn everyone in this house). If I’m not gonna have you, no one’s gonna have you.”

The 40-year-old mother of two from Mitchells Plain, who is a teacher, says for nearly eight years, her ex-boyfriend has stalked her, threatening to kill her and even petrol-bombed her and her parents’ homes.


On Friday, after the 43-year-old allegedly tried to kidnap her, the terrified woman asked for help from her neighbour, a City of Cape Town Law Enforcement officer.

The estranged couple have a nine-year-old son together, while the woman also has a six-year-old child.

The woman says she has laid “countless” complaints against her ex.

She says in March, he petrol-bombed her house while she and her children were inside.

She then moved to her mother’s house, which was also petrol-bombed in April.

Last week, the suspect allegedly sent her a voicenote in which he again threatened to kill her and her children.

This after the woman apparently asked his family to speak to him to leave her alone.

The angry man is heard saying: “I told you already, stop involving my family, you don’t listen, ne. I am so jas right now.

“I’m gonna come down to your house now and I promise you I’m gonna f***ing petrol-bomb that house.

“Taking me for a****, every time you wanna get the boere (police) for me, ne, and if I’m gonna sit now (go to jail), I’m gonna sit for something good, your murder.

“Ek gat jou sat maak (I am going to kill you). I know exactly what time you leave for school, I know exactly what time you go and get (child’s name) and all that k**.

“I know you’re recording this k**. Jou ma se * *** at the end of the day. I’m f***ing gonna kill you, tonight still. Bye.”

On Friday, the suspect allegedly drove up to the woman on his motorbike and revved, and she got such a fright that she urinated on herself.

The woman says he tried to grab her but she managed to get into her car and drive to her neighbour, Law Enforcement Auxiliary Officer, Ridwaan Nero.

“I explained to him and begged for help. He saved me on Friday,” she says.

Nero says the suspect came speeding down the road on his bike, but made a hasty U-turn when he saw Nero.

Law Enforcement spokesman, Wayne Dyason, says the suspect has been “terrorising” the teacher and her children since January.

“He would pull up at her residence either with his car or motorbike, rev and shout abuse at the victim. He allegedly threatened that he would burn them alive and allegedly threw a petrol bomb at the house in March.

“A petrol bomb was also allegedly thrown at her parents’ home after she fled there for safety.”

He says Nero tracked the man down to Gleemore on Saturday and arrested him.

“The suspect was found hiding in a cupboard,” he says.

SAPS’ Lieutenant-Colonel Andrè Traut confirmed the arrest, but says charges still need to be formalised.

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