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Sunday, August 14, 2022

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'Is she trying to make a quick buck?': What SA thinks about the Zephany Nurse book

THE NURSE family at a party on what would have been Zephany’s 16th birthday with them. They held a party every year for their missing daughter. DAVID RITCHIE African News Agency (ANA)

THE NURSE family at a party on what would have been Zephany’s 16th birthday with them. They held a party every year for their missing daughter. DAVID RITCHIE African News Agency (ANA)

Published Aug 14, 2019


Cape Town - On Tuesday, the ban on identifying Zephany Nurse - who was stolen from a Cape Town hospital when she was a baby - was lifted by the Gauteng High Court, Pretoria.

She asked for the ban on her identity to be lifted to allow for the release of a new book telling her life story. A series of articles about her will also be carried in a well-known Afrikaans magazine.

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The public has reacted to the news with either a level of indifference or criticised the move.

Heather Krieger: I do not see the point. Most people who cared to know what her real identity was, have managed to find out and those for whom it was not important, won't be moved by this. Why is this suddenly important?

Noreen Alexander: We don't want or need to know, after all this time! Is she trying to make a quick buck out of this?

Anthea P Daniels  (Noreen Alexander)  She is writing a book about her life story or rather, has written. It's apparently due to be published soon.

Heather Krieger (Noreen Alexander) to be very honest I would be more interested in reading the biological parents' story. To have your child abducted then eventually found and then practically being rejected would make for some interesting reading.

Atufah Booley Behardien (Heather Krieger) absolutely agree with you. The biological parents have been through so much.

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Alicia Eadie  (Heather Krieger) well said I feel the same. I also knew her real identity a long time ago.

Lisa Joshua Sonn: So she can be fully self-expressed? Maybe we should tune into our empathetic sides... It must be exhausting sitting on such high horses judging.

Eleanor Poulter: I would have thought that once she's an adult, she is free to do so. It's only if it implicates others who may be harmed by the disclosure that there might be a restriction.

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Sylvia Joy Wilson: Her real identity? You mean the name given to her by the woman who stole her? Her real name is that given to her by her parents, which is Zephany Nurse.

Katherine Anagnostakis Moolman: This girl is a confused individual who still thinks that the person that kidnapped her did nothing wrong. Has two kids already and now going to write a book? From a skewed perspective. What about her real mom? Is it not her story to first tell!!!!

Tebogo M Ngobeni: Is there a book and movie deal in the works here? Seems like she wants to turn this into a South African blockbuster.

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Nicolette Vosloo: So weird that she chooses to ostracize her biological parents. Very hurtful to them as well.

Ruth Pinky Williams: This is hurtful and what the other lady did she coursed this other woman a lot of pain. Secondly to be rejected again another blow. Oh well God will heal her wounds. The lady who stole her has a filthy heart, you don't do that to another woman especially after she just delivered a newborn. Imagine all those questions, for all those years that she asked herself over and over - the pain and the suffering. The sleepless nights. I think the kidnapper was purely selfish. God also has a reason why he never gave her children. We are all not meant to have children period. Why force? Why did she not adopt?

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