Cape Town 130213- Ashanti Zwedala who stays at Santorini apartment in Gardens says she was assaulted by Saalin Guan(tenant) after he complained about the music noise.She claims that he pushed the door against her hurting her arm. Picture Cindy waxa.Reporter Nontando/Argus

Cape Town - A 25-year-old woman from Gardens has laid a charge against her neighbour after he allegedly physically and verbally assaulted her over jazz music.

City Varsity student Ashanti Zwedala told the Cape Argus on Wednesday that chef Saalin Guan, owner of Tokyo Restaurant and Sushi Bar, barged into her apartment on Sunday morning and started shouting at her to switch off the music.

Zwedala said that she had been singing along to Afro-jazz singer Zonke while cleaning her two-bedroom apartment at around 11am, with her front door open.

“I was startled to find him yelling and shouting profanities at me in my living room. To my shock and fear, I told him to get out of my flat.

“He continued swearing and yelling at me to turn off my music or close the door,” she said.

But Guan, 40, has denied the assault, saying Zwedala had attacked him and he would be opening a case of assault against her.

Zwedala said she had felt “vulnerable” because she was wearing only a T-shirt.

“I told him to leave my flat but he didn’t budge, even though I stood by the door waiting for him to leave.

“He aggressively pushed and knocked me with the door several times. He was so angry; if my younger sister wasn’t there I don’t know what he would have done to me.”

Zwedala said Guan left only when they threatened to call the police.

“I don’t feel safe in my own apartment after this incident. Every time I hear a knock on my door, I’m frightened because I think he’s coming for me,” she said.

Zwedala said she was taking pain medication because the left side of her body was sore and a doctor had referred her to a psychologist for distress. “This incident has left me traumatised,” she said.

Police spokesman Captain Frederick van Wyk confirmed that a case of assault had been registered with the police. “The suspect was interviewed today by the investigating officer and the case will be discussed with a senior state prosecutor,” he said.

When the Cape Argus visited Guan’s restaurant at the corner of Kloof and Union streets, he claimed Zwedala that attacked him and that he would be opening a case of assault against her.

His wife, Lee-Ann Guan, said her husband didn’t speak much English.

“She (Zwedala) is a problematic tenant who is always playing loud music and banging the front gate. She just wants to make trouble for us,” she said.

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