Sergeant Smith searched Esethu Mcinjana's handbag and took her into custody on suspicion of being involved in car break-ins.
South Africans are sharing their anger at Esethu Mcinjana's treatment at the hands of police officers who arrested her while she was killing time before a job interview in Sea Point last Sunday.

The 23-year-old Blue Downs woman told  GroundUp that she had arrived early and decided to sit on a bench on the promenade and took selfies while she waited. 

According to Mcinjana, she was approached by a female police officer who demanded to know what she was doing there. The police officer then searched her handbag and found a remote control switch. The officer, who had in the meantime been joined by a male colleague, took her into custody on suspiscion of being involved in car break-ins.

Mcinjana, who had filmed the altercation on her cellphone, was held overnight at Sea Point police station.

When the story was published on Friday many people branded the incident racist and accused the police officers of racial profiling.