Cape Town - 121230 - Somerset West school Tonko Bosman will be closed. The grounds are deserted and school books and desks have been packed up. A storage room holds remnants of some study materials and a broken desk, while another has a filing cabinet, books and boxes stacked in it. The school may be used as a community hall instead. REPORTER: ILSE FREDERICKS. PICTURE: THOMAS HOLDER

Cape Town - Three Western Cape schools will be officially closed today.

The three schools are Tonko Bosman and Hoopsrivier NGK primary schools in the Cape Winelands education district and Langkloof Primary in the Eden and Central Karoo.

Bronagh Casey, spokeswoman for Education MEC Donald Grant, said the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) had arranged placement plans for all pupils at the affected schools.

In October, Grant announced that 20 Western Cape schools would be closed. The reasons for his decision included dwindling pupil numbers and multigrade teaching.

At the time Grant said that Langkloof’s pupil numbers had decreased to 10 and the pupils could be accommodated at Molenrivier Primary.

He said Hoopsrivier’s numbers had decreased to 21 and the children could be accommodated at Vergesig Primary, while Tonko Bosman’s numbers had fallen to 28 and pupils could be accommodated at Raithby Primary.

“Learners received details on any relevant learner transport plans in their report cards at the end of the school year. The keys will be handed over by the school governing body once the schools have officially closed,” said Casey.

“We are confident that these learners will now receive better education opportunities at their new schools.”

Earlier this month, the Cape Argus reported that Judge Siraj Desai, together with Judge Elizabeth Baartman, had granted an interim interdict prohibiting the closure of the other 17 schools.

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