Jason ‘Pagad’ Freeks was killed by gunmen in his neighbour’s flat in Kraaifontein. Picture: Solly Lottering/Daily Voice
Cape Town - A man was gunned down while hiding in his sleeping neighbour’s bed, after being hunted down by gunmen in Kraaifontein on Monday.

There was pandemonium in the suburb of Scottsdene as the bullet-riddled body of Jason “Pagad” Freeks was removed by forensic officials from Gabriel Court.

A witness, who did not wish to be named, says the 21-year-old was being pursued by three men at 10.30am.

Jason, who lived on the third floor, tried to hide in the second-floor flat.

“Jason wore a white tracksuit and the gunmen wore black. They followed him across the parking area of Gabriel Court and as soon as he got to the second floor, they opened fire on him,” says the witness.

“I’m just glad there were no children on the stairs and no-one else got injured.”

The homeowner of the flat where the murder took place says Jason had an indescribable fear in his eyes as he ran past him.

“I heard the shots going off. He appeared in my doorway and the look in his eyes... You could see he didn’t know where to run,” the resident says.

“I immediately took my young daughter and we hid in our bathroom. I heard shots going off inside our flat.”

Jason Freeks was allegedly being hunted down by three gunmen who pursued him into this block of flats in Scottsdene. Picture: Solly Lottering/Daily Voice

Jason was shot several times in his head, next to his neighbour, who was asleep in the same bed.

Fortunately the homeowner’s wife was not wounded, but has been left severely traumatised.

“I got to my wife and she was still alive. She had thrown the bed covers on her head and did not see the shooters,” he adds.

“There was blood everywhere and Jason sat in a seated position, dead. He had multiple gunshot wounds, most to his head.

“I don’t know how we can continue to live in this flat after all this happened. Police promised my wife would get counselling.”

Police spokesman, Sinathi Joni, confirmed the incident: “A shooting took place in Scottsdene, Kraaifontein, at 10.30am and left a 21-year-old man fatally wounded.

“Circumstances surrounding the incident are being investigated with no arrests at this stage.”