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Cape Town - Memes are a part of everyday life.  Dread it, run from it, memes still arrive. Memes during Ramadaan is no exception. 

We have listed our favourite Ramadaan memes (as well as a brief explanation for those who might not understand.)

1. This Royal Wedding meme has been doing the rounds, with the most popular response being 'My man is not a prince'. This is the Ramdaan version. That feeling of bliss you get when you see your iftaar (the food eaten to break the fast) comes out in your face, resulting in the facial expression below.

2. If Iftaar is the food eaten to break the fast (the supper), Suhoor is what we use to start our fast (let's call it breakfast.) Breakfast with a time limit. Heartbreak is indeed painful, but missing Suhoor is every Muslim's nightmare. Missing Suhoor essentially means you have to keep going from last night's food and can only break your fast on the next Iftaar. On summer days, it's worse because fasting during summer is a few hours longer. 

3. While fasting during Ramadaan has many benefits, some have said that they lose weight during the month. But on the 15th of Ramadaan, we South Africans have what we call 'Boeberaand'. A night where we eat as much boeber as possible because it's that delicious.

4. Wudhu is the ritual washing Muslims perform before prayer time. Various parts of the body are washed, including the face. And it's not washing under a shower or in a bath, where your entire body is covered in the warmness and glory of water. It is splashes of water on feet, arms and head - among others. And not in that order.

5. You know you are really hungry when you see waffles in hashtags.

6. Or KFC in a smoke cloud. Wait, that was not fried chicken?!

7. During the day, you have plans to eat as much as you want. But one's stomach seemingly shrinks so much, that you only manage to eat a date and a half of samoosa and it feels as if you ate a whole buffet table.

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