Picture: Bullit Marquez/AP/African News Agency (ANA)

Cape Town - A 17-year-old boy’s ear was ripped off by a pitbull as he was walking home with his mother in Ruyterwacht.

The mom says the teen has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and has the mentality capacity of a four-year-old.

She says her son’s ear was stitched back in an emergency surgical procedure, but there is a risk that he may still lose his ear.

Annemarie Coetzee, 37, says she had been walking home with her two children on Saturday at about 10.30am when her son stopped to play with a little boy outside his yard in Jan van Riebeeck Road.

She says the large white and brown dog came charging out from the back.

“My son is like a four-year-old and mentally, he is on the same level as that child,” says Annemarie.

“He bent down to talk to him when the dog come running. He pushed the gate closed, but the dog stuck his nose into the gap. My son picked up a stone and backed away, obviously afraid and the dog leaped at him, aiming for his face and neck.

"He turned his head and the dog ripped his ear off. I screamed and the owner, who is a mechanic, came out from under one of the cars he was working on and just told the dog to get inside.”

She says doctors managed to re-attach the ear that “was hanging by a thread”.

She has since opened a case and wants the owner held liable.

“His gate was open and I had to watch as that vicious dog nearly killed my son. He must pay for this attack on my son,” says Annemarie

Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk confirmed: “A charge under the Dog Control Regulation P/N 658/1981 with regards to the unleashing of Ferocious, Vicious and Dangerous dogs is being investigated.”

Cape Of Good Hope SPCA spokesperson Belinda Abraham says in terms of the City by-laws, dog owners such as this case can be fined or convicted if found to be negligent.

“The owners need to report the incident to Law Enforcement on 021 596 1999 to facilitate the removal of the dog from what appears to be a very irresponsible pet owner.”

The Daily Voice visited the owner’s home but he was not there and the dog was not visible on the property.

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