‘Paarl is too white’ comment from top cop has activist calling for officer’s removal

Paarl station commander, Brigadier Nokuthula Pete. Picture: Supplied

Paarl station commander, Brigadier Nokuthula Pete. Picture: Supplied

Published Jan 18, 2024


Paarl’s top cop has been suspended after she labelled the area “too white” in a social media post.

Action Society says the police “literally keep shooting themselves in the foot” with issues they allegedly try to disguise as internal to supposedly avoid criticism.

Paarl station commander, Brigadier Nokuthula Pete, was suspended after she wrote a reply to another officer on Facebook, suggesting the officer apply to work at the station.

She wrote: “This bald head is just like you; we don’t have a Lieutenant-Colonel in Finance and Accounting so you get ready.”

In response, the officer said she was able to go to Paarl the next day and asked Pete to send an email to another SAPS boss. Pete then said: ”Put it in and you say Transfer Finance Paarl we will sign so I can change this white supremacy because Paarl is white.” (sic)

Action Society Director Ian Cameron is now calling for the disciplinary action against Pete to be expedited.

Cameron said: “Pete should have motivated and united police officers in the fight against violence in the area, but instead stirred up racial tensions, harming police morale in an area already plagued by serious investigative capacity shortages.


The Director of Action Society, Ian Cameron. Picture: Facebook

“Pete made it known on Facebook in December last year that she believed SAPS in Paarl is ‘too white’. She encouraged someone to apply for a transfer to Paarl and promised to sign off on it.

“A disciplinary investigation commenced shortly after the incident, and we have learned that the investigation has been completed.

“Pete took sick leave shortly after the incident and prolonged her annual leave, meaning she hasn’t returned to her post, creating the impression that she is trying to avoid facing the consequences of her actions.”

Cameron said Paarl needs a strong and experienced station commander that can unite police members in the war against crime.

Pete has not been back to work since the complaints came to light, and police have kept mum on the progress of the disciplinary investigation.

Police spokesperson Andrè Traut confirmed an internal investigation is under way. “Kindly be advised that the disciplinary investigation pertaining to the social media post of the Paarl station commander is under way.

“This is, however, an internal process, and on this basis, the finer aspects of the matter are not discussed with third parties,” Traut said.

Cameron said the investigation is a public matter and has now challenged SAPS to transfer Pete.

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