Pastor may face jail time over anti-gay remarks

Reverend Oscar Bougardt shows papers from the Western Cape High Court served on him by the court sheriff. Picture: Daily Voice

Reverend Oscar Bougardt shows papers from the Western Cape High Court served on him by the court sheriff. Picture: Daily Voice

Published Jul 28, 2017


Cape Town - Could Pastor Oscar Bougardt be sitting in the prison soon?

The controversial Cape Flats holy man is nervous after the SA Human Rights Commission claimed this week that Bougardt had contravened a court order prohibiting him from making homophobic remarks on social media.

The SAHRC wants Bougardt to be found guilty of contempt of court, and that he be jailed, and fined R500 000, following a complaint from SAHRC officer Zena Nair.

According to the Notice of Motion, the SAHRC will apply to have the court “committing the respondent to prison for a period of 30 days”, and “pay a fine of R500 000” .

In 2014, the SAHRC took Bougardt to the Equality Court for hate speech for anti-gay sentiments he made on social media.

The court referred the matter to a mediation process which the pastor requested.

In a settlement on 11 August 2014, Bougardt was “interdicted from publishing statements that are discriminatory or incite hatred or harm on the grounds of sexual orientation”.

Bougardt said in the agreement he was “truly sorry” for making his statements and undertook not to make such statements in the future.

The pastor, of Calvary Hope Ministries in Strandfontein, says he received a shock on Wednesday when a sheriff of the court rocked up at his home to serve him the papers from the Western Cape High Court.

An angry Bougardt on Thursday lashed out at the SAHRC, saying: “This is unfair, the SAHRC should’ve called me in to explain myself.

“Just like they are quick to take on cases from homosexuals, I too have a right to be listened to but no, there was no chance for me to give my side, they run to court. I feel the SAHRC is being managed by a bunch of faggots who are controlling them.”

According to Bougardt, he was not in contravention of the court order.

“In a previous case with SAHRC I agreed not to post things on social media to offend homosexuals, but I don’t know why they are taking me to court now again, I didn’t post anything damaging.

“I would only comment on other people’s posts when I see something about moffies and give my opinion, it’s not me posting but me commenting on someone else’s post.”

Gushwell Brooks from the SAHRC says there was no legal obligation on them to notify Bougardt of their intentions.

“The papers which are to be served on him are the notice to him and no other notification to him is required either by law or courtesy.

“As the contempt proceedings allege a breach of a mediation agreement which was made an order of court, of which the Pastor is fully aware - as he was a party to the mediation - the court order was subsequently communicated to him by the SAHRC via email once it was received from our attorneys.”

A defiant Bougardt says he will have his say in court.

“They will do anything to stop the true Gospel of God being preached, not my will but Your will be done, Lord.”

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