Patricia de Lille at the Western Cape High Court on Tuesday Photo / ANA

CAPE TOWN -  Patricia de Lille thanked her supporters on Tuesday, after the Western Cape High Court reinstated her as mayor pending a reviewing court's ruling on May 25.

She told journalists she would continue to put the people of Cape Town first as she fights for "equality and fairness".

Judge Pat Gamble emphasised the court's concern for Cape Town's citizens and said there needed to be stability in the DA leadership.

In his judgment, he disagreed with De Lille's argument that her reputation had be irreparably damaged. 

"As far as harm is concerned, we do not perceive irreparable harm to Ms De Lille in her personal capacity. Her loss of income, status and freedom of association with the political party of her choice are all capable of being addressed later if the reviewing court finds in her favour. We are, however, genuinely concerned about the harm which her loss of office has for the people she is supposed to serve as the executive mayor of Cape Town".

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For this reason, he said, "preservation of the status quo as it existed immediately before Ms De Lille was informed of the decision of FedEx [DA federal executive] last Tuesday morning is in our view the only reasonable alternative in the prevailing circumstances".

He suspended the cessation of her DA membership, hence she will return to her position as mayor of Cape Town pending a reviewing court's ruling on part B of her application. 

On Friday , the Western Cape High Court dealt with "Part A" of De Lille's application to return to her post for two weeks until "Part B" of her application is dealt with. Part B, to be argued on May 25, is challenging the constitutional validity of the clause used to remove her from office.

Natasha Mazzone, the deputy chairwoman of the DA's federal council said the court had agreed with the DA that De Lille had in fact tendered her resignation from the party when she told Radio 702 last month that she intended to quit the DA as soon as she had cleared her name in a bruising, highly public political fight with the party's leadership.

Mazzone said the DA would proceed with disciplinary processes against De Lille. 

De Lille faces charges of misconduct after a political inquiry headed by the party's chief whip in Parliament John Steenhuisen found that the city council is hamstrung by infighting under her leadership.

African News Agency/ANA